Introducing SHIELD Restraint Systems Inc.


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AmSafe Commercial Products is Rebranding to Become SHIELD

Elkhart, IN – On September 1, 2014, AmSafe Commercial Products Inc. becomes SHIELD Restraint Systems Inc. – rebranding the company with a fresh new look from top to bottom that better represents their focus on providing customers worldwide with affordable safety innovations in the child and specialty vehicle restraints industries.


“The new look of SHIELD represents the trust we work hard to earn from our customers each day by delivering quality, providing more features at a better value, and innovating products that change industries, ” said Peter Miller, president of AmSafe Commercial Products, Inc.


This legacy of providing safety and securement innovations stretches back to the early 1950’s when the founders of AmSafe introduced the first lift-lever, metal-to-metal lap belt buckle. In the mid 1950’s, Beams Industries began to manufacture and sell seatbelts for the automotive aftermarket, ultimately expanding into a broad range of niche markets. In early 2013 AmSafe acquired Beams, inspiring the complete refresh of the AmSafe brand identity being unveiled today, SHIELD.


Peter Miller is excited about the new look saying, “Since our acquisition of Beams over 18 months of intense effort went into developing a name and visual identity that communicates who we are. We started from scratch to blend our two cultures and capture how hard our people work and how personally they take every aspect of engineering, testing and manufacturing safety solutions. At the end of a workday, knowing your efforts help keep someone safe, that’s special to us. We wanted to make sure all our words and images, everything, let our customers know how much we value this trust”.



Headquartered in Elkhart, Indiana, SHIELD is an industry leader in safety and securement products. SHIELD operates engineering, testing and manufacturing facilities around the globe and is committed to providing practical, affordable innovations backed by rigorous production controls to customers worldwide. To find out more about SHIELD, visit