Elkhart, IN

Shield Restraint Systems announced today the launch of its new website, which offers information on products, applications, supporting documentation, and sales support. “The new website provides in-depth information on SHIELD products by application and product category. Users can now search on dozens of product attributes that will help them choose the right product for their unique needs. The improved “Contact Us” feature will also streamline inquiries within our organization, ensuring faster response time to our customer’s needs” says Matt McCollough, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at SHEILD Restraint Systems.

The site also details SHIELD’s commitment to defect-free manufacturing and best-in-class quality. “Our two vertically integrated facilities have overlapping manufacturing, testing, and distribution capabilities.  This allows us to manufacture over 20 million units a year, quickly respond to changes in demand and main the highest quality levels for our customers” adds Caryl Brown, President of Shield Restraint Systems.


About Shield Restraint Systems

SHIELD is a global leader in restraints for specialty vehicles such as side by side vehicles, commercial trucking, mass-transit, motorcoach, material handling, recreational, construction, agricultural, and emergency vehicles. SHIELD is also an industry leader in the engineering and manufacturing of child passenger safety restraints and components used in child car seats worldwide. SHIELD headquarters are located in Elkhart, IN, USA.