Child Passenger Safety Custom Solutions

Global Solutions for Specific Applications

Peace of mind is something everyone deserves, from parents of a newborn on the way home from the hospital to a soldier on an important mission. That’s why Shield refuses to limit you to a one-size-fits-all solution. Shield produces a variety of products for use in and around all manner of vehicles ranging from simple seatbelts to complex occupant and cargo control devices. Let our talented team create the custom system you need for your new truck, high-speed utility vehicle, child seat, amusement park ride…or anything in between. We love challenges, so bring us your requirements and wish list. Our experts will surprise you with everything you want—and maybe a few things you didn’t even know you needed.

Our global team of expert designers and engineers is ready to provide you with a custom solution that exceeds your expectations for performance, value and service. We produce over 20 MILLLION RESTRAINTS A YEAR, so give us your challenge and let us engineer a solution for you.

The Shield team is made up of inspired people across three continents. Our diverse cultures and backgrounds enable us to look at things from many points of view, but we all share a passion to protect and enrich people’s lives. Every day, we strive for product and process excellence with a can-do spirit. We communicate openly and frequently, and use state-of-the art tools to keep projects moving on schedule. We trust and respect each other, we have a little bit of fun, and we keep your needs at the forefront of everything we do.


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